Ezgi Özkurt

Ezgi Özkurt
PhD Candidate
MPI For Evolutionary Biology
August-Thienemann-Str. 2,
24306 Ploen, Germany

Research Interest

  • Microbiomes
  • Population genetics, comparative genomics
  • Computational biology
  • Genome evolution of microbes
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology & Kiel University
2016- expected 2020, January
PhD in Evolutionary Biology

Advisor: Prof. Eva H. Stukenbrock

Thesis: Domestication-driven metaorganism evolution of wheat (funded by CRC1182). 

Middle East Technical University, Ankara, TURKEY
MSc in Biology

Thesis: Evolution of bladder cancer investigated using exome sequencing

Middle East Technical University, Ankara, TURKEY
BS in Molecular Biology and Genetics

Thesis: Effect of different methods in water quality assesment

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology
January 2016 - present

Thesis: Domestication-driven metaorganism evolution of wheat (funded by CRC1182).  

For further  information: https://www.metaorganism-research.com/researchers/ezgi-oezkurt/

Project: Genome evolution of the fungal grass pathogen Zymoseptoria pseudotritici following homoploid hybrid speciation.   

For further information: http://web.evolbio.mpg.de/envgen/max-planck-institute-plon/ezgi-ozkurt.html

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology
July-September 2015
Erasmus Trainee

Supervisor: Dr. Arne Nolte

Project: Gene expression in Cottus fish in response to water temperature

Middle East Technical University

Advisor: Dr. Mehmet Somel

  • Determining the origin of synchronous multifocal bladder cancer by next-generation sequencing (Published, Master Thesis)
  • Mechanisms of Testes Expression Divergence in Human and Chimpanzee (Available in BioRxiv)
Umeå University, Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden(MIMS), Umeå, SWEDEN
July– October 2013
Erasmus Trainee

Supervisor: Dr. Ake Forsberg

Project: Gene silencing and Gene Tagging in Yersinia Pseudotuberculosis species to understand the mechanism of Type3 secretion system

  1. Ezgi Özkurt, M. Amine Hassani, Uğur Sesiz, Tal Dagan, Hakan Özkan, Eva H. Stukenbrock. Higher Stochasticity of Microbiota Composition in Seedlings of Domesticated Wheat Compared to Wild Wheat, 2019, available in bioRxiv: doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/685164,  will be submitted to mBio
  2. M. Amine Hassani, Ezgi Özkurt, Heike Seybold, Eva H. Stukenbrock. Interactions and Coadaptation in Plant Metaorganisms, 2019, Annual Review of Phytopathology 
  3. Ezgi Özkurt*, Omer Açar*,  Gulfem Demir, Hilal Saraç, Can Alkan, Tarık Esen,  Mehmet Somel*, Nathan A. Lack*.Determining the Origin of Synchronous Multifocal Bladder Cancer by Next-Generation Sequencing, 2015, BMC Cancer, doi:  10.1186/s12885-015-1859-8 *Equal contributions 
  4. Ekin Saglican, Ezgi Özkurt, Haiyang Hu, Babur Erdem, Philipp Khaitovich, Mehmet Somel. Heterochrony Explains Convergent Testis Evolution in Primates.  Accessible on http://biorxiv.org/content/early/2014/10/21/010553
  1. ESEB2019, August 19-24, Turku, Finland, Oral Presentation: Higher stochasticity of microbiota composition in seedlings of domesticated wheat compared to wild wheat
  2. SMBE2019, July 21-25, Machester, UK, Poster Presentation: Higher stochasticity of microbiota composition in seedlings of domesticated wheat compared to wild wheat
  3. EEBST2018, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Symposium, July 18-20, Izmir, Turkey, Oral Presentation: Domestication-driven Metaorganism Evolution of Wheat
  4. EMBO Plant Microbiota Workshop,  26 March - 7 April 2017, Cologne, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding 
  5. Wild Plant Pathosystems, August 29-31, 2016, Helsinki, Poster Presentation: Genome Evolution of the Fungal Grass Pathogen Zymoseptoria pseudotritici 
  6. 17th Next Generation Plant Biotechnology Symposium, Rehovot, Israel, April 11-13, 2016
  7. Quantitative Evolutionary Biology Workshop 2014, Şirince Ali Nesin Mathematic Village, Poster Presentation: Exome Sequencing on Evolutionary Relationship of Multifocal Bladder Tumours

Dr. Eva H. Stukenbrock, Kiel University & Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Germany Email: stukenbrock@evolbio.mpg.de  Phone: +49 431880 6368 (Kiel) & + 49 4522 763-236 (MPI)

Dr. Mehmet Somel, Middle East Technical University, Turkey Email: msomel@metu.edu.tr   Phone: + 90 312 210 6460

Programming Skills
Language Skills
Popular Science
Science Writing
Writing in the science supplement of the Turkish newspaper, Bilimsol http://haber.sol.org.tr/kategori/bilim
Book Chapter Translation
Ezgi Özkurt & Ezgi Altınışık, A Primer of Human Genetics-Chapter 3 (Human Evolution, Greg Gibson)